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We offer differentiated and exclusive trainings for business enterprises. We really  believe that contemporary knowledge needs to be propagated for better future
prospects. Our trainings have been prepared with needful iterations in integration  with industry. These trainings encapsulate the areas of Supply Chain, Quality Management and Corporate Restructuring.

Supply Chain Management

Winning Creed is passionate to offer trainings in the area of supply chain management. Our
thought provoking training material is worldwide recognized and considered as one of the
hallmarks in our portfolio. Being the only authorized knowledge partner of ISCEA (International
Supply Chain Education Alliance) in Lahore-Pakistan, these trainings add great value in your

  • Certified Supply Chain Analyst (CSCA) by ISCEA

    This certification program is designed to make you familiar with end-to- end supply chain.
    You will learn core concepts in Supply Chain Management, Strategy, Design,
    Compliance, Implementation and Operations. The certification is stretched over 15 hours
    of extensive conceptual training including two hour of online final examination. It is ideal
    for those aspirants who just got started in the area of Supply Chain. Preparatory
    sessions can be arranged on demand. To see details on ISCEA website Click Here.
  • Certified Supply Chain Manager (CSCM) by ISCEA

    CSCM certification program provides the knowledge that helps to achieve profitability
    through supply chain efficiency and responsiveness. The program is designed by
    combining theory with industrial practice led by an experienced instructor. The body of
    knowledge clearly define the rules of the game and its application explicitly distinguishes
    winners from the laggards. CSCM training provides extensive overview as well as
    detailed analysis for demonstrated improvement in business results. ISCEA CSCM
    certifies that holder can manage and lead a modern supply chain organization. This
    certification is spanned over 5 days of vigorous conceptual training including four hours

of online final examination. It is ideal for mid-level to top-level supply chain professionals
with at least 3 years of Supply Chain Experience. Preparatory sessions can be arranged
on demand. To see details on ISCEA website Click Here.

Total Quality Management

Quality Management as one of the thriving areas globally and regionally brings prosperous fruits
to those enterprise who want continuous improvement and sustainability. Our experienced
trainers deliver the best in you. We are dedicated and devoted to disseminate the international
approaches of Quality Management contextualized with aroma of your organizational culture.
Our inspirational training material is ready to invigorate new passion in your employees.

  • Six Sigma
    6σ, as one of the highest quality standards, brings high-level fruits to enterprises. Its
    process and design methodologies of DMAIC and DMADV with 3.4 dpmo enlightened
    the world to strive for 100% accuracy. The way operations/services should be done is
    changed. This is not only a tool but also a complete mindset. It is the will and vigor of
    sustainable organizations. Winning creed offers Six Sigma trainings at different levels
    ranging from amateur to expert level. The amateur level projects can take up to 2
    months to complete with seven training days while expert level projects may take up to 6
    to 7 months to complete with 18 to 22 training days. You can Click Here to send your
    customized training needs to our representative for initial assessment.


  • Lean Management/Production
    Lean, as a buzzword is not a ‘fad’, it is a factual reflection of organizational processes
    based on time maps and value streams. The conventional idea of hitting hard at faults
    that are visible no longer works. To see under the lines, deep beneath the sea, you need
    to know how the iceberg looks like and that is how you need to know your operations.
    Strive for waste elimination is the core of Lean. Our specialized trainers can impart high-
    value trainings in Lean both at initial level and at expert level. Winning Creed also offers
    integrated Lean Six Sigma trainings. For initial assessment, you can Click Here to
    submit the inquiry form to our representative.


  • Kaizen
    Change is paramount to keep pace with the modern world but change should be for
    betterment, none other than the best. May it be an incremental improvement or a radical
    improvement, Kaizen is the methodology to learn and implement. Underestimating small
    improvements results in eroded quality endeavors. Teamwork, Error Free Processes
    and ‘Genchi Genbutsu’ gives you remarkable results based on rational and factual data.
    This training gives you an ultimate edge over others in terms of continuous improvement
    in your processes. Small group Kaizen exercises can turn out to be giant leaps for your
    organization. To know more about creating a Kaizen Culture in your organization, Click
    Here to submit your quest to our representative.


  • TRIZ
    TRIZ “Theory of Inventive Problem Solving” is the powerful creative tool for the
    employees of innovative companies. Without taking into account psychological
    brainstorming with intuition and judgement, TRIZ is based on patterns of problems and
    solutions. Interestingly, it is repeatable, predictable and reliable. The creativity though
    TRIZ accelerates the team’s ability to solve the critical problems creatively. This is the
    perfect fit for organizational innovation initiatives. It can also be used in integration with
    DFSS (Design for Six Sigma). You can contact our representative by Clicking Here to
    know more about TRIZ and how it can help to boost creativity in your employees.
  • Hansei Experience
    Hansei “Self Reflection” is the compelling and persuasive tool to reflect on the mistakes
    done earlier through deep mediation. It is suited to both production and service
    industries. The real magic in Hansei Events is to come up with accepting the mistakes
    and rectify those in actual. It can also be used in integration with Kaizen. The paramount
    output of this exercise is the ‘emotional feeling of failure’ and ‘commitment to improve it
    as a responsible employee’. If you are really thinking to make your employees feel like
    Hansei then Click Here to submit your initial inquiry.

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