These trainings are aimed to impart state of the art learning to stakeholders of Schools as well as to Institutes of Higher Education. Faculty, students and parents from any sphere of life can attend these trainings. These unique trainings are first of its kind in Pakistan that cover immaculate dimensions of education industry. Our neatly equipped qualified trainers and experts are keen to transmit their breakthrough knowledge.

Sharing & Caring – The Parent Child Guide 

Life is all about sharing to others and caring for others. Without having these emotions in the child, they are becoming robots madly pursuing the wishful aspirations of their parents. Unfortunately, parents started living in silos and the same impact goes on with children by evolving their inadmissible behaviors and attitudes. In every aspect of life right from eating, doing homework, sports and classroom integration, parents want their children to outclass others without considering any emotions of Sharing and Caring (S&C). The habit of sharing and caring starts at the onset and should become the strongest behavioral aspect that differentiates our children. This training yields tremendous benefits to parents and teachers by learning the unique routines that ingrain the habit of S&C in their children. At least, they can built a new society based on helping others, harmony, love and affection. Click Here to submit your query to our representative.

Red Lines are Good: A Retrospective Approach for Parents and Teachers 

Without looking at the true picture of life, we as parents and teachers, expect very high from our children? Nothing is wrong in it. What actually the problem is that we expect very high results on one side and need them to be achieved in a very short span of time. A panic situation appears when high expectations could not be met and the result is the depressive, non –productive and stealth child. It is not the matter of one area, same goes in every field of life. The affects are dreadful. The sacred red lines are perceived with mixed emotions. This training would transmit extraordinary learning in parents and teachers to believe that red lines pointing the faults are an input for your child’s beautiful life and future! Click Here to submit your query to our representative.

Quality Assurance in Higher Education: Safeguarding Future Prospects 

Prospective candidates are running marathon for higher education without considering the impact of their prospective study on their own lives. Distant focus of aim by students inadvertently provide monetary benefits to institutes of higher education (HEIs), which are busy in brimming their coffers. The aftermath is inaccessible and obscured goals. This really depicts the feeble and half-packed effort by the HEIs to aim at the goals of their own students. They missed it before and they missed it again. This training would impart the overarching view to management and faculty of HEIs and propose methods and solutions to transform their students into valuable personalities. Click Here to submit your query to our representative.