The Power of MS Excel For Business Organizations

Flexibility is one of the major advantages that can be associated with MS Excel, even some Excel experts write that you don’t need the other tools if you have really good grip over the functionality of this tool. Flexibility to perform multiple-tasks helps the user not only to define and manage the structure of information with ease but also with data formatting, presenting and most of all security. Users have to learn through trainings and gain hands-on experience for specialized operating and to use it in a better manner. Even after more than 30 years, MS Excel is still the most preferred and used spreadsheet software around the world to work with the data and information.

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The Three Truisms of Supply Chain

The Three Truisms of Supply Chain: The three ‘Reciprocity’ focus areas for Enterprises to cope with uncertainty

Supply Chain professionals are very much in demand, especially after the recent epidemic of Covid-19.  We really hope that this episode will also pass on after creating significant dents as well as popping-up with significant nascent supply chain methodologies. It is also the time to come up with some reasonably simple and basic SC truisms that might not be followed by many supply chain experts over-flooded with the acronyms of versatile global agencies.

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From the Lens of the Teacher

Brimming with the feelings of be-wilderness and uncertainty, she logged-in MST/GCR/Zoos and started to roaming around its various options. Many of her counterparts have already advised her about different online mediums that they dealt in their dreams. Everybody seems to be the master of this nascent online trait in the era of pandemic. Those away from the reality are going to accept the existence of virtual learning but with the slower pace. Fast paced technological chums are busy in popping up unique features of weird behemoth.

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