Sharing & Caring – The Parent-Child Guide

Date : 20th January 2018Time: 10:00 am to 01:00 pmCharges = Rs.5,000/-

Life is all about sharing with others and caring for others. Without having these emotions in the child, they are becoming robots madly pursuing the wishful aspirations of their parents. Unfortunately, parents started living in silos and the same impact goes on with children by evolving their inadmissible behaviors and attitudes. In every aspect of life right from eating, doing homework, sports and classroom integration, parents want their children to outclass others without considering any emotions of Sharing and Caring (S&C). The habit of sharing and caring starts at the onset and should become the strongest behavioral aspect that differentiates our children. This training yields tremendous benefits to parents and teachers by learning the unique routines that ingrain the habit of S&C in their children. At least, they can build a new society based on helping others, harmony, love, and affection.

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