Ranging from qualitative and quantitative data collection along with crude analysis by employing latest techniques of data analytics, we help you connecting the dots to reach on logical investment decision. We are specialized in gauging powerful market insights, trends and consumer behavior. We help you to grow your business by answering the questions that really matter


Data Collection

The accurate and reliable data collection is our essence. We believe in ‘value for money’. Our foremost aim is to provide with utmost quality data to our clients. Our data is 100% authentic by using strict process control measures. Our tested two tier data quality measure is second to none.

F2F Surveys

Face-to-Face interviews using PAPI or CAPI interviewing technique. These surveys can either be conducted on the household route or in the central location already agreed with the client.

Digital Surveys

Cost as low as Rs.50 per interview, digital surveys are conducted on social media platforms. We recommend these surveys for quick feedback from a large audience. Best for logo testing & public surveys.

Quantitative Research

Campaign Evaluation

Know the impact (Ad & Brand Recall) and complete diagnostics of your campaign before or after the launch.

Product Testing

Test your product with competitive brands on different features before or after the launch using Central Location Testing technique of interviewing

Brand Performanc & Tracking

Understand category dynamics and gauge brand performance against your competitors

Qualitative Research

In Depth Interviews

Conducting intensive individual interviews with 1-2 respondents to explore their perspectives on a particular idea, program, or situation.

Focus Groups

6-8 demographically diverse group of people participate in open discussions about a new product or something else to determine the reactions that can be expected from a larger population.