Brimming with the feelings of be-wilderness and uncertainty, she logged-in MST/GCR/Zoos and started to roaming around its various options. Many of her counterparts have already advised her about different online mediums that they dealt in their dreams. Everybody seems to be the master of this nascent online trait in the era of pandemic. Those away from the reality are going to accept the existence of virtual learning but with the slower pace. Fast paced technological chums are busy in popping up unique features of weird behemoth.

Keeping the pace with vagueness and ambiguity, non-academic management started to ponder on the possibilities of curbing the ceilings of Knowledge Providers. At the brink of drowning education paranoia, this value-subtraction overpassed all fences. Many untoward and muddy acts of management is a new normal now. The lively war of minds is no more in the town; even the difference between proficient & inept mind is not minded at all.

I saw many outstanding executives living in deep-slumber, who are just blind as a bat and I saw many common sense homo-sapiens living in deep reality, who are just as good as human intellect. You can do vice versa to fit in the group you want. The fate of virtual learning is just like the fate of virtual reality. You act as a real flying hero virtually but in reality you ended up on the bamboo tied up with an automated pole to swing you around like a flying broom. After-all we all believe that Flying Ford Anglia is a real flying car and all teachers are Severus Snape, who know how to fly without a broom.

The icing on the cake is being furnished by the huge trust deficit between stake-holders. Knowledge providers are forced to confine themselves by devising innovative ways of refraining learners from defrauding measures of producing assessments. Alas !! we failed to build trust. Society as a whole is not ready to work on this rowdy variable, rather they are swamped with shotguns to kill the trust with unwanted patrolling 24*7. The reflections of this societal paranoid is paramount in our education sector where trust is ruled by the strength and knowledge is governed by purported designations.

In spite of having every divine grace with the owners, the race to level the coffers with lips is their non-ending desire; at least I can see it from the moon. This is something known as exotic ultimate & undiscovered terminate point of each simple, steady, colourful, cheerful, ethical and moral being to say ‘NO’. It’s time to stretch on your own, drive the car of your own life and never let yourself rest on the shoulders of massive red brick Condos. The message should be loud & clear: Be it or By it but don’t ever try to Buy it.