Certified Stores & Stock Controller (CSSC) Accredited by VCARE Academy-Canada

Start Date: 15th March, 2021

End Date: 7nd June, 2021

The aim of CSSC (Certified Stores & Stock Controller) certification is to provide the foundation skills and knowledge in stores operations and stock control. This is the most detailed certification entailing broad spectrum of warehousing operations. CSSC is designed to help you develop an understanding of introduction to stores and stock control, store safety and security, store operations, stock identification and stock control and stock movement. We, being one of the international affiliates of VCARE Academy-Canada, strive our best to train you the methodologies of the modern age.  This certification is perfect for those who want to learn and re-define the learning paradigm of warehousing. These programs are personally taught by William Henry Schneider and Ken Titmuss, curators of CSSC program.

SCHEDULE: The programs are broken into 12 sessions over 12 contiguous weeks. Each session will be delivered once per week at 10:30 to 13:30 (Eastern Standard Time).

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