Learning Augmented by The Blue Connection Simulation Game

The CSSCP program is a comprehensive supply chain package that integrates sustainability in all domains of Supply Chain, which are supplemented with real life industry examples enriched with sustainability and circularity. These may be initiatives, goals, or current programs that are being executed within diverse industries to transform from a linear supply chain to a circular value chain. Circular economy is a manifestation of economic models that highlight business opportunities where cycles rather than linear processes, dominate. It is restorative and regenerative by design and aims to keep products, components, and materials at their highest utility and value at all times.

The CSSCP program tends to persuade employees and industries on ways to add sustainable practices to the existing supply chain or how to rebuild current supply chain with sustainability in mind. The end goal of this program is to educate all professionals on how to maximize success of supply chain in a way that protects the future of the planet and is sustainable in nature without sacrificing supply chain efficiency. The program aims to show that sustainability and optimized supply chain are not mutually exclusive, but rather can complement each other. It also supports UN SDGs and can be used to educate those who are interested in pledging to the SDG ambition goals. This certification is also augmented with Inchainge Simulation ‘The Blue Connection’, where aspirants feel reality by interacting with plethora of decisions in different departments including sales, purchasing, supply chain, finance and operations.