Learning Augmented by The Fresh Connection Simulation Game

Are you able to control inventories in stores or warehouse? Certainly, it is a challenging task with lots of uncertainties in execution. Storage with right size of inventory and timely deliveries is something considered as the daunting task in this VUCA world. The value addition in the stock environment, which everyone of us is striving for, can be achieved by not only formulating the processes but also refining/fine tuning them for the seamless flow of store and warehouse operations. The program covers the role of the store in the 21st Century, how the store fits into the greater supply chain, the roles and responsibilities of those that work in a stores environment, the need for safety and security of both personnel and stock, the receipt, storage and issuing of stock, as well as the proper management of a company’s valuable assets. Each of which presents a challenge to those responsible.

The CSSC entails latest and state of the art concepts along with detailed practical examples, forms, sheets, videos and above all the interesting discourse with the participants for contextualized learning. Operating within a store’s environment and managing the large quantities and value of stock is a competitive advantage in today’s dynamic economy. Gaining this competitive advantage requires being able to identify the various operations within the store and recognizing the need to implement continuous improvement initiatives to make a store more productive. Being able to identify different categories of stock and knowing how to best ensure the right material is in the right place at the time it is needed.

In addition, you will demonstrate your ability to implement the knowledge gained from the certification via your play of The Fresh Connection where you will improve and save a manufacturing company by making decisions that align with and support the supply chain strategy.