Learning Augmented by The Fresh Connection Simulation Game

CSCM certification program provides the knowledge that helps to achieve profitability through supply chain efficiency and responsiveness. The featured aspects of this certification is state of the art knowledge and generation of new updated concepts of supply chain that can help you thinking in a right direction. We believe that CSCM is a continuous journey and it helps those who want to excel in the field of Supply Chain. The CSCM training provides extensive overview as well as detailed analysis for demonstrated improvement in business results. It is a rigorous program including many interesting discussions and possibility of playing simulation games, where, professionals meet with unique experiences. Come and Join us for a whole new exploration of Supply Chain World. It is ideal for mid to senior level supply chain professionals willing to learn more about modern supply chain practices.

An important aspect of CSCM is to base decisions on systematic analysis of different scenarios. Although intuition and experience is something crucial to infer the best out of diverse constraints but decisions without measurement and analysis certainly lead to disturbing conclusions at the end.  Based on best practices and deep analysis, CSCM yields benefits of broad mindedness, mindfulness, right direction and future aspirations. It entails end to end supply chain with lots of interesting facts and real life examples for those who possess real courage to decode the Black Box of Supply Chain. This certification is also augmented with Inchainge Simulation ‘The Fresh Connection’, where aspirants feel reality by interacting with plethora of decisions in different departments including sales, purchasing, supply chain, finance and operations.