Learning Augmented by The Fresh Connection Simulation Game

CSCA is a well-articulated ISCEA certification meant for those aspirants who just started in the field of Supply Chain or want to shift from other domains in the world of Supply Chain. The program is designed by combining theory with practice led by an experienced instructor. The body of knowledge (BOK) clearly defines the rules of the game and its application explicitly distinguishes winners from the laggards. This certification consists of a rigorous conceptual training with lots of basic concepts and overall sensitization about Supply Chain, generally as a global perspective and specifically to the regional outlook.

This program is designed to provide you the opportunity to demonstrate your mastery of the body of knowledge related to the basics of the supply chain.  foundational topics, theories, decision aids, and key strategies will be presented in a clear and concise manner.  Specifically, some of the topics presented are sourcing, the role of inventory, MRP/ERP, and Transportation. Beyond these specific supply chain topics, related issues such as Team Dynamics, Sustainability, Lean and Continuous Improvement Tools, will also be disseminated. This certification gives direction to the start-up individuals, provide them with basic analysis tools, furnish their capabilities and land them in the field to do remarkable things full of motivation, positive energy and passion. Our premise is to get the value addition done by making you a significant contributor in the field of Supply Chain. This certification is also augmented with Inchainge Simulation ‘The Fresh Connection’, where aspirants feel reality by interacting with plethora of decisions in different departments including sales, purchasing, supply chain, finance and operations.