Interesting to read the saying of Chris Caplice (Executive Director of MIT Centre of Transportation and Logistics) in the recent edition of SCMR, “those days are gone when supply chain professionals got the necessary credentials and then proceeded to enjoy their careers without needing much additional education or training. Credentials are no longer a ‘one stop and done’ kind of thing like degrees have historically been. Now it’s a continual, lifelong learning journey”

Well, in the context of Pakistan, such certifications to enhance the skill level are non-existent or if exists then the sole purpose is not capacity building. Big data, enterprise resource planning and internet of Things (IOT) has a profound effect on the future state of supply chain. It is imperative for Pakistan, especially in the current scenario of CPEC, to elevate the skill level of supply chainA professionals in the region.

Conventional education of Supply Chain in Pakistan is currently in the sphere of incubation to sensitize its importance and credibility in the eyes of supply chain professionals. A giant leap towards rigor is essential. Having said that, I can really feel the consistent hard work necessary to bridge the gap and yes one thing more: Industries in Pakistan are trending towards certifications. Give it a thought J