The Silver Myth of Inventory Management

Inventory, being the most exposed asset in conventional accounting system, pose a great deal of threat to accountants, financial supervisors and stock controllers. Interesting to know; it is the most uncontrollable entity on the part of supply chain experts. The two great challenges popping up again and again are ‘How Much’ and ‘When’? Despite the fact, we all know that the possibility of reaching up to a target of point estimate in forecasting is essentially zero, still we dare to answer aforementioned two questions repeatedly.

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The Three Truisms of Supply Chain

The Three Truisms of Supply Chain: The three ‘Reciprocity’ focus areas for Enterprises to cope with uncertainty

Supply Chain professionals are very much in demand, especially after the recent epidemic of Covid-19.  We really hope that this episode will also pass on after creating significant dents as well as popping-up with significant nascent supply chain methodologies. It is also the time to come up with some reasonably simple and basic SC truisms that might not be followed by many supply chain experts over-flooded with the acronyms of versatile global agencies.

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Certifications in Supply Chain- The Global View

Interesting to read the saying of Chris Caplice (Executive Director of MIT Centre of Transportation and Logistics) in the recent edition of SCMR, “those days are gone when supply chain professionals got the necessary credentials and then proceeded to enjoy their careers without needing much additional education or training. Credentials are no longer a ‘one stop and done’ kind of thing like degrees have historically been. Now it’s a continual, lifelong learning journey”

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