Vision & Philosophy

Real capacity building and development of skilled resource is our philosophy. We go beyond the conventional ways of learning by providing an updated practical knowledge and skills. We believe in reliable research, innovative learning paradigms and contemporary delivery models to cater the unique requirements of learners.


Creating Prospects of Career Progression for All

Guiding Principles

Curiosity, Innovation, Trustworthiness and Courtesy


Generating Opportunities of Upskilling for All


Our values are ‘Unity, Faith and Discipline’


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Cornerstones of Winning-Creed


Passionate Trainers 

Winning-Creed considers its passionate trainers and researchers as an asset who are firm propagators of value addition. Our trainers are from diverse fields including but not limited to corporate, SME, academia and third sector organizations. As an affiliate with international organizations, we are very concerned about the quality and value addition. Our trainers are second to none. We really believe that trainers of Winning-Creed must possess our values and acceptability to abide by our guiding principles. 

As a prime cornerstone of Winning-Creed, our attachment with trainers is significant. We not only consider them as a ‘Winning-Creed Family’ but also strongly believe that their intellect, knowledge, skill and education has the power & passion to create wonders in society. As a knowledge propagator, our deep respect and dignity is for our trainers who believe in Winning-Creed.


State of the Art Content 

Winning-Creed believes in continuous learning. Our biggest rival is status quo. We, along with our passionate trainers & researchers, continuously develop, curate and add up-to-date content, examples and practical implications in our certifications and trainings. As an affiliate in the region away from USA and Europe, we often contextualized the examples for better understanding of concept and its practical implementation in local industries. 

For in-company closed trainings, our trainers are ought to visit the facility in order to curate the specific content pertained to that particular company only. We believe that without a passion of inculcating quality content, we cannot win the hearts of professionals. Winning-Creed is not an ordinary training company. We are striving hard to uplift the training quality standards at new heights.


Learning through Simulations 

In pursuit of elevate, inspire and enrich the professionals with superb quality of training, we team up with leading simulation companies of the world. All our certifications and training also incorporate simulations. Using simulations to deliver employee training is one of the most effective training methods available today. Employees who have a hands-on knowledge and use of equipment and tools have more confidence and mastery of needed job skills and fewer errors as well. Companies can realize reductions in overall training costs by implementing simulation training in their learning and development programs.

We are partnered with Inchainge-Netherlands and B2wise-USA to incorporate simulations in all Supply Chain certifications. Some of the well-accepted simulations that we use in trainings are: The Fresh Connection, The Cool Connection, The Blue Connection and DDBrix. This certainly drives more effective learning, as employees are able to familiarize and polish their skills in the moment and experiment with new approaches depending on the debrief sessions from the trainer.


Dynamic Relationship

This is indeed the reflection of our passionate trainers and their hard work. Our connection with the potential aspirants is dynamic, lively and long-lasting. We always remember our Alumni in our annual gatherings. It is our belief that our association with alumni gives us a strong hold in Industry. We do not leave our aspirants, we try our best to connect with them, to learn from them, discuss the practical implications of supply chain and inculcate their feedback in forthcoming trainings. 

We also conduct and collaborate in different conferences, symposia and seminars to keep our aspirants engaged for Professional Development Units (PDUs) they need to make their certifications renewed. We often invite our alumni to participate as a guest speaker and share their experiences in relation to the practicality they gained in their employments.


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